Tamara Nefedova

Tamara Nefedova Discussant, 1st Edition A great academic event on cutting-edge research. The organizers did an amazing job. High-quality presentations, a warm atmosphere, and an optimal size made this conference both beneficial and enjoyable. Looking forward to the next edition!

Marc Painter

Marc Painter Presenter, 1st Edition The best ideas often seem obvious in retrospect, and the Future of Financial Information conference is a good example. Michał and the FutFinInfo organizers have developed a much needed conference given where financial economics is headed. They have also taken the theme of the conference to heart as they are continually […]

Lily Fang

Lily Fang Keynote speaker, 2nd Edition I was impressed by the overall quality of the papers, and the clear and coherent focus of the conference! I think Michał and the organizers are doing a great service to the profession by being able to identify interesting and high quality papers, often by young researchers, that you […]

Mitchell Petersen

Mitchell Petersen Keynote speaker, 1st Edition Often conferences have a “theme” and they go for good papers, but the papers let alone sessions don’t tie together or build upon each other. I thought the Organizers did an incredibly good job of finding a truly compelling topic and then assembling a set of papers that not […]