Submissions to the 6th Edition close with a healthy turnout of 282 papers. Program selection starts!

As midnight struck over the Pacific coast of North America on December 17th, 2023, submissions closed to the 6th Future of Financial Information Conference. The counter stopped at 282 submitted papers, marking another strong showing for the conference.

We would like to thank all the authors for trusting us with the fruits of their hard labor. Our reviewer team is excited to dig in and read through your novel and intriguing research!

Given the usual size of the program, we are heading for an acceptance rate below 10% again. We always wish we could accept more papers but the least we can do is carefully review each paper before making decisions. We believe our commitment to careful selection is a big reason for the growing popularity of the conference.

We already look forward to the program that will emerge by late February. Stay tuned!

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Picture of Michał Dzieliński

Michał Dzieliński

Stockholm University

Proud founder and Chair of the Future of Financial Information conference as well as the Host of the Future of Financial Information webinar series.