Markus Leippold

is Professor of Financial Engineering at the University of Zurich. Throughout his career he has been involved in numerous projects with the Swiss banking industry and with tech companies such as Google, and he currently sits on the benchmark oversight committee of STOXX/Qontigo, and the academic advisory board of Fedafin. Professor Leippold’s recent focus is on climate finance, sustainability, and artificial intelligence, particularly natural language processing. Currently, he is studying how corporations communicate their efforts to combat the adverse effects of climate change. From a corporate perspective, data reveals that imprecise climate commitments such as cheap talk occur less frequently in climate risk–exposed sectors and when institutional ownership is high. Overall, these results reveal an urgent need to establish transparent regulatory standards throughout the entire economy and to strengthen information campaigns on sustainable financial products. In another recent study, he shows how the Ukraine-Russian War, the US Inflation Reduction Act, and REPowerEU have impacted market expectations regarding the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Previously, Professor Leippold was a member of the faculty at Imperial College London. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance from the University of St. Gallen.